TMDP is Proud To be a Member of Family Business United

  • 22nd May 2019

Family Business United ('FBU') has launched a new campaign to celebrate the depth and diversity of family firms across the UK and here at TMDP we are proud of to be a part of it.

The latest #FamilyBusinessBritain campaign seeks to generate further recognition of the contribution that family businesses make to the UK economy.  Over 3,000 images were collected from family firms the length and breadth of the UK and collated into one beautiful 'billboard size' artwork that was unveiled at The National Family Business Show in York recently.

"This is our latest innovative campaign to showcase family firms, something that we do each and every day.  Family businesses are the engine room of the UK economy and make a fantastic contribution in terms of income, jobs and wealth creation and we hope that this will help shed a really positive light on the family business sector.

“With around 5 million family firms in the UK today, we really do hope that by sharing this artwork around the country that it will help to demonstrate that family firms really do help make Britain great and help to dispel some of the myths surrounding family firms too.”

Paul Andrews, founder and Managing Director of FBU

“We are a proud family firm and were delighted to be part of a campaign that recognises firms like ours.  It is important to remember that many firms in Britain remain family owned and we are proud to be one of them.  Family Business United and this #FamilyBusinessBritain campaign really does put the family business sector on the map too.”

Nikki Bryan, Marketing Director, TMDP